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Stored procedures
In a report, a table includes a set of controls called "Table cells". In most cases, a report contains a single table. To display several tables in the same report, you must use the internal reports or the nested reports.
A table includes three sections:
  • the header row, which displays the name of the table's columns. This row is optional. If it is displayed, this row must be the first table row and it is displayed for each new table.
    In most cases, this row is displayed in a Page header block or in a Break header block.
  • the data rows, which display the information from the data source. For each record found in the data source, a new row is displayed when the report is run. The data of a given record is displayed on a single row. In most cases, the data row is associated with the Body block.
  • the total row used to calculate the totals on the table columns.
    In most cases, these rows are displayed in the Break footer block or in the Page footer block.Remark: The different total cells do not necessarily have to be positioned on the same row.
For example:
In edit mode and at runtime, tables are a simple way for aligning the report controls. Furthermore, the controls are automatically resized.
If a table cell is expanded in the editor, the other table cells are automatically shifted.
At run time, if a value cannot be entirely displayed in a cell of an auto-sizable table, all the cells found on the row will take the same height in order for the value to be entirely displayed.
The report editor proposes two types of tables:
  • simple tables.
  • crosstab tables (double-entry tables).
Some examples of reports with table:
  • Order form (simple table):
  • List of products (simple table):
  • Sales per year and per customer (crosstab):
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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