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Handling a Chart control in a WEBDEV site
When running a Chart control in a page of a WEBDEV site, a toolbar allows the Web user to modify the chart layout.
Toolbar of Web charts
Features of the toolbar
The toolbar of a Chart control allows you to choose the type of chart to display. You can:
  • display a pie chart:
    • Pie,
    • Semi-circular,
    • Donut,
    • Funnel.
  • display a column chart:
    • Clustered column, stacked column, horizontal clustered column, horizontal stacked column,
    • Waterfall.
  • display the chart in the following format:
    • line,
    • scatter,
    • area,
    • radar,
    • bubbles.
  • display a stock chart:
    • candlestick,
    • BarCharts,
    • MinMax.
This toolbar also allows you to:
  • display (or not) the horizontal or vertical gridlines.
  • display (o not) the legend and configure its position.
  • manage the effects (smoothing, gradient, raised, jagged and transparency).
  • when hovering the values, display a tooltip, a crosshair or a multiple crosshair.
  • display (or not) the animations.
  • enable (or not) the interactivity of the chart.
  • save or print the chart.
Implementing the toolbar
When creating a Chart control, the toolbar is displayed in automatic mode by default.
To configure the display of the toolbar:
  1. Display the description window of Chart control.
  2. In the "Details" tab, in the "Appearance and toolbar" area, you have the ability to select:
    • the display mode of the toolbar: never, automatic or always visible.
    • the options displayed by the toolbar ("..." button on the right of the display mode).
  3. Validate the control description window.
Remark: if you have chosen a toolbar that is always visible, the toolbar appears in the page currently in edit.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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