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Stored procedures
The data that will be displayed in the Chart control can come from:
  • an item of a data file or a query.
  • a column of a Table control found in the current window or page.
    PHP Not available.
  • a List Box control found in the current window or page.
    PHP Not available.
  • a WLanguage array.
    PHP Not available.
  • data specified in the description window of the control or through programming.
  • a control of the current report (only for a report).
The mode for filling the chart is specified in the wizard for control creation and in the control description window ("Series" tab).
Chart populated programmatically
The programming required to fill the chart is performed by the following functions:
grAddDataAdds a data into a chart.
grHMAddDataAdds a data into a Heatmap chart.
grIncreaseDataAdds a value to a data in a chart.
grScatterAddDataXYAdds a data into a "Scatter" chart.
grStockAddDataAdds data into a stock chart (candlestick, barcharts or minmax).
grSunburstAddDataAdds a data to a Sunburst chart.
grSurfaceAddDataAdds a data into a Surface chart.
For example:
  • Chart control in a window or page:
    The "CHART_MySalary" Chart control is used to view the evolution of a salary over the last four years in a Line chart.
    The "EDT_Salary1", "EDT_Salary2", "EDT_Salary3" and "EDT_Salary4" edit controls are used to type the salary for the corresponding year.
    In this example, write the following code in the "Initializing" event of the Chart control:
    // Add data into the chart
    grAddData(CHART_MySalary, 1, EDT_Salary1)
    grAddData(CHART_MySalary, 1, EDT_Salary2)
    grAddData(CHART_MySalary, 1, EDT_Salary3)
    grAddData(CHART_MySalary, 1, EDT_Salary4)
  • Chart control in a report:
    The "RPT_MyReport" report prints the details (last name, first name, turnover) of the 10 best customers.
    The "CHART_MyChart" chart displays the turnover of each customer in a pie chart.
    In this example, write the following code in the "Before printing" event of the Body block:
    // Add data into the chart
    grAddData(CHART_MyChart, 1, MySource.Turnover)


Special case
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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