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  • Creating a multipage report
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  • Printing the multipage report
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Stored procedures
Multi-page print
A report can be very wide, with a width exceeding the width of a paper sheet. This is the case of the Table, Scheduler or Gantt Chart reports, ...
The multipage print is used to print a report on several pages (2 or more) that can be placed side by side.
This feature allows you to read large tables or schedules.
In the editor, the report displays the different pages side by side:
At run time, all the pages are displayed in the report viewer and they can be printed:
How to?
To print a report in multipage mode, you can:
  • select "Print on X pages" when creating the report.
  • configure the print format in the report characteristics.

Creating a multipage report

At the end of the wizard for report creation, if the report is too big to fit in the specified format, the wizard proposes the following options:
  • Print the report on several pages. In this case, a multipage report is automatically created.
  • Use the landscape mode.
  • Reduce the report size. In this case, according to the reduction percentage, the printed report may become unreadable.

Modifying an existing report

An existing report can be changed into a multipage report.
To change the report format:
  1. Open the report description (select "Report description" in the context menu).
  2. Select the "Format" tab.
  3. In the "Multipage in width" area, specify the number of pages that will be used in width:
  4. Validate.
  5. The report is displayed in the editor with the specified number of pages. You have the ability to move and enlarge the different controls found in your report.
  6. Configure the management of blocks (especially "Page header" and "Page footer" blocks) for the multipage mode:
    • Open the report description (select "Report description" in the context menu).
    • In the "Blocks" tab, define the options: the blocks can be:
      • stretched in width on all the pages.
      • repeated on each page.
    • Validate.
Remark: For a Table report, the header block is necessarily stretched.
Printing the multipage report
When printing a multipage report, the different pages are automatically printed. This option is taken into account:
  • in the report viewer,
  • during a print on the printer,
  • during a print in PDF format.
The pages are printed from left to right then toward the bottom.
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  • Version 19
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