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  • Specific printers managed by WINDEV and WEBDEV
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Stored procedures
Types of recognized PCL printers
WINDEV and WEBDEV allow automatic printing for a number of specific PCL printers.
If one of these printers is selected, the specific elements (lines, images, colors, ...) will be printed according to this printer.
If the printer used is not found in this list, you have the ability to create a generic PCL file recognized by most PCL printers. In some cases, lines and images may not be printed properly.
The print commands can also be directly sent to your printer (develop your own driver). In this case, you must not use the print functions of WLanguage or the reports: to print, you must use the functions written by yourself.
For more details, see the documentation supplied with your printer.
// Ici "Proc_Imprimante" est une collection de procédures qui contient
// le code d'impression spécifique à une imprimante
// A vous d'écrire le code WLangage qui correspond à chacune de vos imprimantes
Proc_Imprimante.ImprimeLigne("Titre de l'impression.")
Proc_Imprimante.ImprimeMot("Une partie de phrase sans saut de ligne")
Proc_Imprimante.ImprimeMot(" pour que la suite s'imprime sur la même ligne.")
Proc_Imprimante.ImprimeMot("Page 2, et Fin")
Specific printers managed by WINDEV and WEBDEV
PCL printers managed by WINDEV and WEBDEV:
ApolloApollo P22xx, Apollo P2000U, Apollo P2500, Apollo P2600
Business InkjetBusiness Inkjet 1000, 1100, 1200, 22xx, 2300, 3000
CPCP 1160, 1700
DeskJetDeskJet 350
DeskJet 450, DeskJet 460
DeskJet 600, DeskJet 6xx, DeskJet 61x, DeskJet 63x, DeskJet 64x, DeskJet 65x, DeskJet 66x, DeskJet 67x, DeskJet 68x, DeskJet 69x
DeskJet 81x, DeskJet 825, DeskJet 83x, DeskJet 84x, DeskJet 85x, DeskJet 87x, DeskJet 88x, DeskJet 890, DeskJet 895
DeskJet 91x, DeskJet 920, DeskJet 93x, DeskJet 94x, DeskJet 95x, DeskJet 96x, DeskJet 97x, DeskJet 98x, DeskJet 99x
DeskJet 1120, DeskJet 1125
DeskJet 3810, DeskJet 3816, DeskJet 3820, DeskJet 3822
DeskJet 5100, DeskJet 5400, DeskJet 5550, DeskJet 5551, DeskJet 5600, DeskJet 5700, DeskJet 5800, DeskJet 5900
DeskJet 6122, DeskJet 6127, DeskJet 6500, DeskJet 6600, DeskJet 6800
DeskJet 9300, DeskJet 9600, DeskJet 9800
e-printere-printer e20
Hewlett PackardHP 2000C
OfficeJetOfficeJet 500, OfficeJet 600, OfficeJet 700
OfficeJet 5100
OfficeJet 6100, OfficeJet 6150, OfficeJet 6200
OfficeJet 7100, OfficeJet 7200, OfficeJet 7300, OfficeJet 7400
OfficeJet 9100
OfficeJet PRO 1150, OfficeJet PRO 117
OfficeJet D, OfficeJet K, OfficeJet R, OfficeJet T, OfficeJet V, OfficeJet G
PhotosmartPhotosmart 320, Photosmart 330, Photosmart 370, Photosmart 380
Photosmart 420
Photosmart 2570, Photosmart 2600, Photosmart 2700
Photosmart 3100, Photosmart 3200, Photosmart 3300
Photosmart 7150, Photosmart 7260, Photosmart 7268, Photosmart 7345, Photosmart 7350, Photosmart 7400, Photosmart 7550, Photosmart 7660, Photosmart 7760, Photosmart 7800, Photosmart 7960
Photosmart 8000, Photosmart 8100, Photosmart 8200, Photosmart 8400, Photosmart 8700
PSCPSC 5, PSC 300, PSC 750, PSC 900
PSPPSP 100, PSP 130, PSP 140
PSP 230, PSP 240
PSP 1000, PSP 1100, PSP 1115, PSP 1215, PSP 1218, PSP 1315, PSP 1500, PSP 1600
PSP 2100, PSP 2150, PSP 2170, PSP 2200, PSP 2300, PSP 2350, PSP 2400, PSP 2500

The name of these printers can be used in iConfigure. To use a generic printer, the name of the printer must be replaced by an empty string ("").
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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