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  • Overview
  • When is the runtime platform taken into account?
  • Developing for Smartphone
  • How to modify the runtime platform?
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Execution platform
WINDEV Mobile allows you to develop applications for different families of products:
  • Mobile,
  • Smartphone,
  • Versions 15 and later
    New in version 15
  • Versions 17 and later
    iPhone and/or iPad,
    New in version 17
    iPhone and/or iPad,
    iPhone and/or iPad,
  • Versions 18 and later
    Windows Store apps,
    New in version 18
    Windows Store apps,
    Windows Store apps,
  • ...
Let's see the details of each platform:
        All these characteristics define the runtime platform.
        When is the runtime platform taken into account?
        The selected runtime platform is taken into account:
        • when creating the windows: the selected dimensions will be automatically proposed for the new windows.
        • when creating the executable. The generated executable corresponds to a specific platform (an executable created for Mobile will not operate on Android and conversely).
        • when starting the application in test mode. The selected image is used to properly view the application windows.

        Developing for Smartphone

        If you choose to develop an application for Smartphone, don't forget to save all the created files on the "SD Card". Otherwise, when the Smartphone is switched off, the information not saved on the "SD Card" will be lost.
        How to modify the runtime platform?
        The runtime platform can be modified:
        • when creating a project.
        • in the project description:
          • On the "Project" pane, in the "Project" group, click "Description".
          • In the "Project" tab, click "Platform description...".
        The selected platform is valid for the entire current project.
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        Minimum version required
        • Version 9
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