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  • Configuring the automatic menu in a Gantt Chart control
  • Printing a Gantt chart
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Stored procedures
Popup menu of Gantt Chart controls (AAF)
Each Gantt Chart control found in a window proposes a menu to the user.
This menu, available without programming, proposes several actions:
  • Modify the duration of a task,
  • Delete tasks,
  • Add tasks,
  • Link tasks,
  • Print the Gantt chart.
Remark: You have the ability to add choices to this menu by programming. To do so, use ..PopupMenu.

Configuring the automatic menu in a Gantt Chart control

The popup menu of the Gantt Chart control can be disabled. To configure the display of the popup menu associated with the Gantt Chart control, you must:
  1. Display the description window of Table or TreeView Table control.
  2. Select the "Gantt chart" column.
  3. Select the "UI" tab.
  4. Choose the requested menu in the "Popup Menu" combo box. You can:
    • "Display the menu of AAF (System)": In this case, the automatic menu of the Gantt Chart control will be displayed. See Configuring the menu of AAFs for more details.
    • "Add a popup menu": If this option is checked, you will have the ability to select the custom popup menu to display.
  • If both options are checked, the custom popup menu can be added before or after the menu of AAFs.
  • If no option is selected, no popup menu will be selected. The <Disabled> option will be displayed in the description window.
  • ..PopupMenu can also be used to delete the popup menu specific to the AAFs and to go back to the standard Windows menu for a specific control.
  • By programming, AAFDisable (or DisableAAF) is used to delete some options from the popup menu of AAFs specific to the Gantt Chart controls. Different constants can be used according to the option to disable:
    • aafGanttAddDependency: used to disable:
      • the addition of a prerequisite task,
      • the deletion of all previous tasks.
    • aafGanttAddTask: used to disable the addition of a task.
    • aafGanttEditTask: used to disable the edit of a task.
    • aafGanttDeleteTask: used to disable the deletion of a task.
    • aafPrintReportOnTable: used to disable the print of Gantt chart.
Printing a Gantt chart
The "Print" option is used to print the content of Gantt Chart column.
The print characteristics are as follows:
  • The print title corresponds to the caption of Table or TreeView control that displays the Gantt Chart control. If no caption was specified, the report displays no title.
  • The print respects the color used in the Gantt Chart control.
  • Today's date is printed in the top right corner.
  • The number of the current page and the total number of pages are printed in the bottom right corner.
  • The print takes into account the writing direction specified by ..TextDirection for the window and/or for the Gantt Chart control.
  • The "Print" option found in the popup menu of the Gantt Chart columns requires to provide the print libraries of the WINDEV framework with the executable.
  • To avoid proposing the "Print" option in the popup menu of the Gantt Chart control, use AAFDisable (or DisableAAF) associated with the aafPrintReportOnTable constant.
  • To customize the report associated with a specific Gantt Chart control, you must create a new Gantt Chart report based on this Gantt Chart control. This report will be automatically associated with the Gantt Chart control and it will be printed via the "Print" option. See Gantt Chart report for more details.
Minimum version required
  • Version 19
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