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Stored procedures
The HTML Editor control functions use the following constants:
ConstantDetailsFunction / Type
edthtmlSelMultipleType of the selection: Multiple HTML elements are selected.edtHTMLSelection type
edthtmlSelSingleType of the selection: Only one HTML element is selected.edtHTMLSelection type
edthtmlSelEmptyType of the selection: No selection is performed.edtHTMLSelection type
hegBodyUsed to get the HTML code of the body.HTMLEditorGet
hegTextWithoutFormatUsed to get the text contained in the control without the HTML tags.HTMLEditorGet
hegValueUsed to get the value of the control.HTMLEditorGet
emailOptionReplyAfterEmail display options: The content of the email is indented. The reply will be written after the content.HTMLEditorFromEmail
emailOptionReplyBeforeEmail display options: The content of the email is indented. The reply will be written before the content.HTMLEditorFromEmail
emailOptionForwardedEmail display options: Adds a reply header at the beginning of the email.HTMLEditorFromEmail
htmlAlignmentAligns the selection horizontally. HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlStrikeTroughCrosses out the selection. HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlColorChanges the color of the selection.HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlBackgroundColorChanges the background color of the selection.HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlCreateLinkCreates a link to the URL specified in the parameter.HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlSuperscriptApplies superscript formatting to the selection. HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlBoldMakes the selection bold.HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlSubscriptApplies subscript formatting to the selection.HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlItalicItalicizes the selection. HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlWholeWordSearches for a whole word (between punctuation characters or spaces). HTMLEditorReplace
htmlFontNameChanges the name of the font used for the selection. HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlNameCssStyleModifies the CSS style used by the selection. HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlCaseSensitivePerforms a case and accent-sensitive search.HTMLEditorReplace
htmlUnderlinedUnderlines the selection. HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlDeleteLinkRemoves the link from the selection.HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlFontSizeChanges the size of the font used in the selection. HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlFontSizeDecreaseReduces the font size of the selection.HTMLEditorFormatSelection
htmlFontSizeIncreaseIncreases the font size of the selection.HTMLEditorFormatSelection
typehtmlOtherType of resource to download: Unknown type"Load resources" event of the HTML Editor control.
typehtmlCssResType of resource to download: CSS style"Load resources" event of the HTML Editor control.
typehtmlImageResType of resource to download: Image"Load resources" event of the HTML Editor control.
typehtmlScriptResType of resource to download: Script"Load resources" event of the HTML Editor control.
typehtmlXMLHttpRequestResType of resource to download: XML document generated in response to an HTTP request"Load resources" event of the HTML Editor control.
Minimum version required
  • Version 26
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Last update: 04/06/2023

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