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  • Properties specific to the description of MarkerImage variables
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MarkerImage (Type of variable)
In french: MarqueurImage
The MarkerImage type is used to customize the image associated with a marker or a marker cluster displayed in a Map control. The characteristics of this image can be defined and changed using different WLanguage properties.
Remark: For more details on the declaration of this type of variable and the use of WLanguage properties, see Declaring a variable.
MyImg is MarkerImage
MyImg.Size = 60
MyImg.BackgroundColor = LightGreen
MyImg.Text = 100
MyMarker is Marker
MyMarker.Position = MyLocation
MyMarker.Image = MyImg
MapAddMarker(MAP_Map1, MyMarker)

Properties specific to the description of MarkerImage variables

The following properties can be used to handle the marker image:
Property nameType usedEffect
BackgroundColorColor, integer, constantCircle outline. This color can correspond to:Remark: To change the opacity of the fill, you can write:
MyMarkerImage.BackgroundColor.Opacity = 50
Default Color: black.
ColorColor, integer, constantColor of the shape outline and marker caption. This color can correspond to:Default Color: black.
ShapeInteger constantShape to be represented with one of the following constants:
  • shapeSquare: Square shape.
  • shapeRoundedSquare: Square shape with rounded corners.
  • shapeCircle (default value): Round shape.
SizeIntegerShape size (radius for a circle, side for a square), in pixels.
TextCharacter stringCaption to be displayed in the shape.
Minimum version required
  • Version 26
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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