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Stored procedures
PDF is one of the most widely used formats for transmitting and storing electronic documents.
Several methods can be used to create or manage PDF files:
Simple operations on PDF files in WLanguage
Various functions allow you to perform simple operations on PDF files. These functions directly handle the PDF file:
PDFExtractPageExtracts a page from a PDF file in a variable of type Image.
PDFIsProtectedChecks whether the PDF file requires a password in order to be read.
PDFMergeMerges several existing PDF files into a single PDF file. The files are merged one after another. The paths of PDF files can be found in an array.
PDFMergeWithPasswordMerges several existing and password-protected PDF files into a single PDF file.
PDFNumberOfPagesReturns the total number of pages found in a PDF file.
PDFPasswordProtects a PDF document with a password.
PDFSignApplies an approval signature to an existing PDF.
PDFToTextExtracts the text found in a PDF file.
Handling the content of a PDF file in WLanguage
To handle more simply the content of a PDF file, WLanguage offers different types of variables:
pdfAttachmentThe pdfAttachment type is used to define all the advanced characteristics of an attachment in a PDF document.
pdfDocumentThe pdfDocument type gets all the characteristics of a PDF file: author, date created, page content, etc.
pdfPageThe pdfPage type is used to define all the advanced characteristics of a page from a PDF document loaded in memory.
pdfParameterThe pdfParameter type defines all the characteristics of the PDF file to be generated.
pdfSignatureThe pdfSignature type is used to define the advanced characteristics of the signature that will be applied to a PDF file when signing an existing PDF (via PDFSign).
pdfTextElementThe pdfTextElement type is used to find out all the characteristics of a text element in a PDF page.
A pdfDocument variable allows loading the content of a PDF file in memory. For example:
MyPDF is pdfDocument = PDFOpen("test.pdf")
MySecondPDF is pdfDocument = "C:\temp\examplePDF.pdf"
From this variable, it is possible to access the pages of the PDF document and for each page, the text of the PDF document. For example:
MyPDF is pdfDocument = "test.pdf"
FOR EACH DocumentPage OF MyPDF.Page
FOR EACH PageElement OF DocumentPage.TextElement
With these types of variables, it is possible to delete or add pages to a document using array management functions (Add, Delete, ... ) directly on the array of pdfPage variables contained in the pdfDocument variable.
MonDocPDF is pdfDocument = PDFOpen("C:\temp\Monguide.pdf")
FOR EACH UnElémentTexte OF MonDocPDF.Page[2].ElémentTexte
Trace(UnElémentTexte.Texte + " X = " +
UnElémentTexte.X + " Y = " + UnElémentTexte.Y + " L = " +
UnElémentTexte.Largeur + " H = " + UnElémentTexte.Hauteur)
MonDocPDF2 is pdfDocument = "C:\temp\plan.pdf"
// Ajout de pages
Add(MonDocPDF2.Page, MonDocPDF.Page[5])
// Insertion de pages
Insert(MonDocPDF2.Page, 1, MonDocPDF.Page[32])
// Enregistrement du PDF modifié
PDFSave(MonDocPDF2, "MonDocPDF2.pdf")

Specific PDF functions allow managing pdfDocument variables:
PDFAddImageAdds an image to a page in an existing PDF file.
PDFAddWatermarkAdds a watermark to all or some pages of an existing PDF file.
PDFCloseCloses the PDF file loaded in memory in a pdfDocument variable.
PDFGetSignatureGets the signature of a PDF document as a buffer.
PDFGetSignatureDateGets the date of one of the signatures of a PDF document.
PDFNbSignaturesGets the number of signatures in a PDF document.
PDFOpenOpens a PDF document and loads it in a pdfDocument variable.
PDFSaveSaves the content of a pdfDocument variable in a ".PDF" file.
Remark: Binding to the PDF Reader control:
  • A pdfDocument variable can be assigned to a PDF Reader control.
  • A PDF document from a PDF Reader control can be retrieved in a pdfDocument variable.
    MyPDFDoc is pdfDocument
    MyPDFDoc = PDF_PDFReader
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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Last update: 05/02/2023

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