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  • Generic search/Exact-match search
  • Space characters at the end of item
  • Performing a search on a composite key
  • Search on an array item
  • Search and filter
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Stored procedures
<Source>.Seek (Function)
In french: <Source>.Recherche
ODBCNot available with this kind of connection
The number of the current record is modified only when it is returned by <Source>.RecNum. For the functions that handle the current record number (<Source>.Delete, <Source>.Read, <Source>.Modify, etc.), the value of this number is not updated: you must use <Source>.RecNum(). For example: not to do:
Values in the browse item are read in ascending order (see Remarks for more details).
Caution: The record loaded in memory is not modified. The HFSQL variables (Customer.Name for example, which means the Name item of Customer file) are not updated.
In most cases, <Source>.Seek sets the position in the data file to loop through the records that match a condition. <Source>.Next is used to position on the next record corresponding to the condition.
Several cases may occur after the call to <Source>.Seek:
  • a record corresponding to the condition was found: <Source>.Found returns True
  • the data file is empty or there is no record corresponding to the condition: <Source>.Out returns True
// Generic search for the first record for which
// the zip code starts with "75"
Customer.Seek(ZC, "75")
// Exact-match search for the first record
// for which the Customer name is Moore
// Mode 7: Text item ending with Charact(0)
Customer.Seek(Name, "Moore" + Charact(0))
// Mode 5.5: Text item filled by space characters
Customer.Seek(Name, Complete("Moore", 30))
<Result> = <Source>.Search(<Key item> , <Sought value> [, <Options>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the position was set,
  • False if an error occurred (lock, ...): the record is not read. This problem can be caused by:
<Source>: Type corresponding to the specified source
Name of the HFSQL data file used.
<Key item>: Character string
Name of key item on which the search will be performed.
<Sought value>: Type corresponding to the value
Value of the sought item.
<Options>: Optional constant (or combination of constants)
  • the lock mode applied to the sought record.
  • the type of iteration
  • the type of search performed.
hIdenticalExact-match search (see the Notes).
A generic search is performed by default (parameter not specified).
hKeepFilterThe filter set by <Source>.Filter will be taken into account, even if the search key is not optimized for the filter. Reminder: <Source>.Filter returns the search key optimized for the filter.
Caution: in this case, performance issues may arise for large files.
Hyper File 5.5 This variable cannot be used.
hLimitParsingThe iteration will stop when the last searched value is found. The current record will correspond to the record found. In this case, <Source>.Found returns False and <Source>.Out returns True.
This constant is used to optimize the speed in Client/Server mode.
hLockNoNo lock: the record can be read or modified by another application during the reading.
hLockReadWriteLock in read/write: the record currently read cannot be read or modified by another application.
OLE DB Lock in write-only. Operating mode equivalent to the hLockWrite constant.
hLockWriteLock in write mode: the record currently read can be read by another application but it cannot be modified by another application.
Java Access by JDBC: This parameter is ignored.
OLE DBNative Connectors (Native Accesses) The lock options will have no effect if the locks are not supported by the OLE DB provider or by the Native Connector.
Hyper File 5.5 The lock options are ignored. Use locking read functions (HReadFirstLock) kept for backward compatibility.

Generic search/Exact-match search

A generic search or an exact-match search will be performed according to <Sought value>.
  • For a generic search: performs a search on all the records that starts by the specified value
    To perform a generic search, the requested value must be specified in <Sought value>.
  • For an exact-match search: performs a search of all the records that exactly match the specified value.
    To perform an exact-match search, the size of the search argument must be exactly the same as the size of the key. The search argument must be filled with "space" characters for the text keys. To do so, use the <Ansi string type>.Complete function.

Space characters at the end of item

By default, when reading a record, the space characters found at the end of the text items are not deleted in the file variables.
In order for the space characters to be deleted, use WithSpace.

Performing a search on a composite key

Several methods can be used to perform a search on a composite key:
Using a list of values
The following syntax is used to perform a search on a composite key:
HSeek(<File name>, <Name of composite key>, ...
[<Search value of first element of composite key>,
<Search value of first element of composite key>, ...])
// Find the record
Customer.Seek(LastName_FirstName, ["MOORE","Vince"])
Hyper File 5.5 To perform generic searches on a composite key, all the components of composite key must be Text components. Otherwise, an exact-match search is performed.

Search on an array item

The search is performed on the first array element (element with index 1). To perform a search on the other array elements, use the filters or queries.

Search and filter

If a filter is enabled (<Source>.Filter), this filter is taken into account during the search.
Component: wd280hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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