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Stored procedures
The following functions are used to manage continents and countries:
ContinentGetReturns the Continent variable that corresponds to one of the following values:
  • a continent constant (2-character continent code),
  • a continent caption.
ContinentListReturns the list of continents.
CountryGetReturns the Country variable corresponding to an ISO code or to the country caption according to ISO 3166-1.
CountryListReturns the list of all countries or countries of a given continent according to ISO 3166-1.

These functions manage the following types of variables:
ContinentThe Continent type is used to find out the characteristics of a continent.
CountryThe Country type is used to find out the characteristics of a country.
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Country and Continent functions Unit examples (WINDEV): Country and Continent functions
[ + ] This example shows how to use Country / Continent variables and functions.
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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Last update: 06/22/2023

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