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  • Modification conflict and status of the record
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Stored procedures
Returns the status of a record during a modification conflict.
WINDEV This function must be used only when a modification conflict is not automatically managed (in a procedure or window called to process the modification conflict (<Source>.OnError)). <Source>.OnError is not available when using stored procedures.
// Code of a procedure called to process a modification conflict
FileName is Data Source = HErrorInfo(hErrFile)
// Displays the status of the source record
// Displays the status of the item for the file record
// Displays the status of the item for the user record
<Result> = <Source>.ErrorStatusModification(<Record to process>)
<Result>: Integer constant
Displays the status of the record.
hStateActiveThe record is active
hStateCrossedThe record is crossed
hStateDelThe record is deleted
hStateInvalidRecord status not found (error)
<Source>: Type corresponding to the specified source
Name of data file used.
<Record to process>: Integer constant.
Used to specify the record in which the value of the item must be read.
hRecFileStatus of the record in the data file.
hRecReadStatus of the source record (read before running <Source>.Modify).
hRecUserStatus of the current record during the call to <Source>.Modify.

Modification conflict and status of the record

When using an application in network, conflicts may occur because of conflicting data entered by the different users. For example:
1. The user X edits the form for the "California" state.
2. The user Y edits the form for the "California" state.
3. The user X renames the state to "California_01".
4. The user Y modifies the name of the state and saves it. A modification conflict occurs during this backup.
A conflict of modification status occurs when the form is deleted by the user X for example.
The different cases are presented in the table below:
Record readAdditionCrossedDeleted
Record on disk
AdditionModification conflictModification conflictModification conflict
CrossedModification status conflictModification conflictModification conflict
DeletedModification status conflictModification status conflictXXXX

WINDEV For more details, see Assisted HFSQL error handling.
Component: wd290hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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Last update: 07/06/2023

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