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Stored procedures
Retrieves the zip code input mask adapted to a given country.
// Use Spain postal code mask on EDT_ZipCode
EDT_ZipCode.InputMask = MaskZipCode("ES")
<Result> = MaskZipCode(<Country> [, <Option>])
<Result>: InputMask variable
InputMask variable that contains the characteristics of the zip code input mask for the specified country. This result can be directly assigned to the InputMask property.
<Country>: String or Country variable
Country for which the zip code input mask must be retrieved. This parameter can correspond to:
  • The alphabetic or numeric ISO code of the desired country (for example, the alphabetic code of the Unites States is "US").
  • A variable of type Country.
If this country is empty or unknown, an exception is triggered.
<Option>: Optional integer
Management mode of control exit:
(Default value)
Allows leaving the control even if the input mask is not checked.
mzcLockExitPrevents users from leaving the control until the value entered is valid (e.g., 5 digits for postal codes in France).

This parameter is taken into account only if the "Prevent from leaving control" option is selected in the "Details" tab of the control description window. If this option is not selected, the application is not blocked when the user leaves the control and no values are displayed.
Business / UI classification: Neutral code
Component: wd280obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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