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Stored procedures
Resizes an image in a variable of type picLayer.
MyImage is WDPic = "Test.gif"
MyLayer is picLayer
// Zoom image: enlarge image twice
Result1 is boolean
Result1 = MyLayer.Resize(MyLayer.Width * 2, MyLayer.Height * 2)
IF Result1 = False THEN Error("The operation failed")
<Result> = <picLayer image>.Resize(<New width> , <New height> [, <Option>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if resized successfully,
  • False otherwise.
<picLayer image>: picLayer variable
Name of the picLayer variable to be used.
<New width>: Integer
New image width expressed in pixels.
<New height>: Integer
New height of the image expressed in pixels.
<Option>: Optional Integer constant
Resizing options:
drHighQualityThis constant can be combined with the homothetic resizing options.
In homothetic mode, this constant is used to improve the quality of the image when this one is reduced in relation to its initial size.
drHomotheticThe image is stretched or reduced to occupy the defined space in an optimal way without being distorted. It occupies:
  • the entire specified height.
  • the entire specified width.
drHomotheticCenteredThe image is stretched or reduced to occupy the defined space in an optimal way without being distorted and it is centered. It occupies:
  • the entire specified height: the image is centered horizontally.
  • the entire specified width: the image is centered vertically.
drHomotheticExtendedThe image is stretched or reduced in order for the smallest side of the image to be entirely displayed.
(Default value)
The image is stretched if necessary to fit the new specified width and height.
drTiledThe image is tiled to occupy the entire new specified width and the entire new specified height.

End of drawing

If <picLayer variable>.EndDrawing and <picLayer variable>.Resize are called in the same process, the image changes will not be displayed.
Component: wd300pnt.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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Last update: 06/17/2024

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