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Stored procedures
Blends two images together. This allows you to create fade-in effects between 2 images.
MyWDPicImage is WDPic = "Test.gif"
// Declare the promotion image
MyPromoImage is Image = "PromoImage.png"
// Blend the promotion image in the product image with an opacity set to 80%
MyWDPicImage.AlphaBlend(MyPromoImage, 80)
IMG_MyDrawing = MyWDPicImage
<Destination image>.AlphaBlend(<Source image> [, <Opacity>])
<Destination image>: WDPic variable
Name of the WDPic variable in which the blend must be performed. Only the background layer will be handled. For the blend, this image will be considered as the background image.
<Source image>: Image control or Image, WDPic or picLayer variable
Image to merge. The image can correspond to:
  • the name of an Image control.
  • the name of a variable of type Image.
  • WINDEVWEBDEV - Server code the name of a variable of type WDPic. Only the background layer will be handled.
  • WINDEVWEBDEV - Server code the name of a variable of type picLayer.
<Opacity>: Optional real
Percentage of opacity that must be applied to <Source image> before performing the blend (100% by default, no opacity is applied).
  • The size of the destination image corresponds to the reference size.
  • <WDPic variable>.AlphaBlend blends the images and keeps the alpha channel of the destination image. Therefore, the alpha channel of the source image is not used.
Component: wd290pnt.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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Last update: 06/21/2023

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