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Stored procedures
Attaches or changes the attach position of a Dockable Panel control.
// Create a configuration with 2 panels at the bottom, one next to the other
DOPA_Right.Attach(dopaTop + dopaRight)
// Create a configuration with 2 panels at the bottom in the same area
<Dockable Panel control>.Attach([<Reference Panel control>] [, <Position>])
<Dockable Panel control>: Control name
Name of the Dockable Panel control to use.
<Reference Panel control>: Optional control name
Name of the Dockable Panel control to be used as reference. If this parameter is specified:
  • the position set with the <Position> parameter will be relative to this control.
  • if the <Position> parameter is not specified, <Dockable Panel control> will be positioned in the same tab as <Reference Panel control>.
<Position>: Optional String constant (or combination of constants)
Describes the position where the Dockable Panel control should be attached:
dopaBottomAttaches the Dockable Panel control to the bottom.
dopaLeftAttaches the Dockable Panel control to the left.
dopaRightAttaches the Dockable Panel control to the right.
dopaTopAttaches the Dockable Panel control to the top.

The constants can be combined in pairs, where a constant gives the Left/Right position and another gives the Bottom/Top position.
If this parameter is not specified and the control is a Dockable Panel control, it is attached to its last known position.
If the position is already occupied, the Dockable Panel control is added to the area and a pane is automatically created and displayed.
  • The position of the Dockable Panel control can be known using PanelPosition.
  • <Dockable panel>.Attach causes a non-fatal error if the position is invalid.
Business / UI classification: UI Code
Component: wd300obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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Last update: 05/30/2022

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