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Stored procedures
Rotates an image in a variable of type Image.
Linux Caution: A specific configuration is required to use this function in Linux. For more details, see The drawings.
MyImage is Image = "Test.gif"
// Rotate Image variable by 45 degrees
Result1 is boolean
Result1 = MyImage.Rotation(45)
IF Result1 = False THEN Error("The operation failed")
IMG_MyDrawing = MyImage

Performing a simple rotation Hide the details

<Result> = <Image variable>.Rotation(<Rotation angle> [, <Options>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the rotation was performed,
  • False otherwise.
<Image variable>: Image variable
Name of the Image variable to be used.
<Rotation angle>: Real
Rotation angle (in degrees).
  • If the angle is positive, the image rotates clockwise.
  • If the angle is negative, the image rotates counterclockwise.
<Options>: Integer
WINDEVWEBDEV - Server codeReports and QueriesWindowsLinuxAndroidiPhone/iPadIOS WidgetMac CatalystJavaUser code (UMC) Rotation options:
drAdaptThe image is flipped and enlarged. Then, its size is reduced to correspond to the initial image size.
drDefaultEnlarge the image (if necessary) so that it corresponds to the dimensions of rotated image.
Constant used by default for the Image variables.
drNoEnlargingThe image is flipped but not enlarged: the image may be truncated.

Universal Windows 10 App This parameter is not available.
New in version 28
AndroidJava This parameter is now available.

End of drawing

If <Image variable>.EndDrawing and <Image variable>.Rotation are called in the same process, the image changes will not be displayed.
Related Examples:
Image rotation Unit examples (WINDEV): Image rotation
[ + ] Image rotation from any point that will be used as rotation center.
Component: wd280pnt.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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