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Stored procedures
Deletes all elements:
  • from a one-dimensional or two-dimensional WLanguage array.
  • from an associative array.
  • of the array property of an advanced type (array of the events of gglCalendar, ...).
  • from a WLanguage queue.
  • from a WLanguage stack.
  • from a WLanguage list.
WEBDEV - Browser codePHP Remark: This function can only be used with Array and Associative Array variables.
Versions 17 and later
WEBDEV - Browser code This function is now available in browser code.
New in version 17
WEBDEV - Browser code This function is now available in browser code.
WEBDEV - Browser code This function is now available in browser code.
MyArray is array of 2 strings
MyArray[1] = "WINDEV"
MyArray[2] = "WEBDEV"
// Delete all the elements
<WLanguage variable>.DeleteAll()
<WLanguage variable>: Array, cola, pila o List
Name of the WLanguage variable to use. This variable can be:
  • an array. This array must be a one-dimensional array or a two-dimensional array.
  • a queue.
  • a stack.
  • a list
WEBDEV - Browser codePHP Only Array variables can be used.

Deleting Items

  • One-dimensional array: the array is resized to 0. The array has not been deleted: new additions can be performed without re-creating the array.
  • Two-dimensional array: only the array rows are deleted. The columns are kept. Therefore, TableauAjouteLigne_objet can be used after <Array variable>.DeleteAll.
  • Associative array: all array elements are deleted.
  • Queue: all queue elements are deleted.
  • Stack: all stack elements are deleted.
  • List: all list elements are deleted.
Remark: To reset the array elements to 0 or to "" without resizing the array, use VariableReset.
WEBDEV - Browser codePHP The deletion of elements is not available for the Queue, Stack and List variables.


This function cannot be used with the fixed arrays.
Component: wd260vm.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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