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Stored procedures
Declares the font that will be used by <Image>.DrawText in an Image control.
Linux Caution: A specific configuration is required to use this function in Linux. For more details, see The drawings.
// Declare the character font:
// Arial, size 12, bold
IMG_Drawing.Font("Arial", 12, iBold)

Using a specific font for the drawings Hide the details

<Image variable>.Font(<Font> [, <Font size> [, <Font attributes> [, <Text inclination>]]])
<Image variable>: Image variable
Name of the Image control to be used.
<Font>: Character string
Name of the font used when the text is drawn by <Image>.DrawText. This parameter must not correspond to a font family. The list of fonts installed on the current computer is returned by FontList.
<Font size>: Optional integer
Size of the font (in pixels). The default value is 12.
<Font attributes>: Optional constant (or combination of constants)
Font attributes to use:
iBoldAssigns the bold attribute to the text drawn.
iItalicAssigns the italic attribute to the text drawn.
(Default value)
Normalizes the text drawn
iStrikeOutStrikes the text drawn.
iUnderlinedUnderlines the text drawn.
<Text inclination>: Optional integer
Specifies the inclination of the text (in degrees). The default value is 0.
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Using a font created through programming Hide the details

<Image variable>.Font(<Font used>)
<Image variable>: Image variable
Name of the Image control to be used.
<Font used>: Font
Font that will be used for the drawings. This parameter corresponds to a variable of type Font. The font characteristics have been defined by the FontCreate function or via the font properties.
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FontList is used to retrieve the list of valid fonts (TrueType, PostScript) installed on the current computer.
To get good results when angling the text drawn, the <Font> used must be a "True Type" font.
Business / UI classification: Neutral code
Component: wd270pnt.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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