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Stored procedures
Defines the type of series used in a composite chart (chart containing several types of charts).
GRF_MonGraphe.TypeSérie(1, grCourbe)
GRF_MonGraphe.TypeSérie(2, grNuage)
GRF_MonGraphe.TypeSérie(3, grHisto)
<Chart control>.SeriesType(<Series number> , <Type> [, <Parameter>])
<Chart control>: Control name
Name of the Chart control to use (found in the window editor or in the report editor).
PHP Only the interactive Chart controls are available.
<Series number>: Integer
Number of the series for which the type of chart will be modified.
<Type>: Integer constant
Type of chart that will be used to represent the data found in the series:
grAreaArea chart.
grBarChartsStock chart.
grBubbleChartBubble chart.
grCandlestickCandlestick stock chart.
grColumnColumn chart.
grColumnStackedStacked Column chart.
grLineLine chart.
grLineConstantDisplays a horizontal line at the position specified in <Parameter>.
grLineLinearRegressionDisplays a line whose inclination is calculated by performing a linear regression on the series specified in <Parameter>.
grLineMeanValueDisplays a horizontal line at the mean of series specified in <Parameter>.
grLineQuadraticRegressionLine chart in the following format: "ax2 + bx + c". The line is defined by performing a quadratic regression on the series specified in <Parameter>.
grMinMaxStock chart displaying the difference between the minimum and maximum values.
New in version 28
Polar Area chart.
grRangeAreaRange Area chart.
grScatterScatter chart.
grWaterfallWaterfall chart.
<Parameter>: Integer constant
Parameter required for some types of charts. If <Type> corresponds to:
  • grLineQuadraticRegression: <Parameter> corresponds to the number of the series used to perform the quadratic regression.
  • grLineConstant: <Parameter> corresponds to the display position of horizontal line.
  • grLineMeanValue: <Parameter> corresponds to the number of the series used to calculate the mean.
  • grLineLinearRegression: <Parameter> corresponds to the number of the series used to perform the linear regression.
    Caution: The linear regression operates with a single series.
<Chart>.Type cancels all the specific types of series specified by <Chart>.SeriesType: all the series will have the same type.
Component: wd280grf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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