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Stored procedures
The following functions are used to program input suggestion options in Edit controls using the prefix syntax:
<Edit>.AddAssistedInputAdds a row to the list of values available in the autocomplete suggestions of an Edit control.
<Edit>.CloseAssistedInputCloses the list of values proposed by the assisted input for an edit control.
<Edit>.ConfigureAssistedInputUsed to configure the filter and the opening of assisted input.
<Edit>.DeleteAllAssistedInputClears the list of values proposed for the assisted input of an edit control.
<Edit>.OpenAssistedInputOpens the list of values proposed by the assisted input for an edit control.
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The AssistedInput functions Unit examples (WINDEV): The AssistedInput functions
[ + ] Using the WLanguage AssistedInput functions.
These functions are used to easily implement an assisted input on the controls.
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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Last update: 02/27/2024

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