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Stored procedures
The following functions are used to program assisted input in edit controls:
AssistedInputAddAdds a row into the list of values available for the assisted input of an edit control.
AssistedInputCloseCloses the list of values proposed by the assisted input for an edit control.
AssistedInputConfigureUsed to configure the filter and the opening of assisted input.
AssistedInputDeleteAllClears the list of values proposed for the assisted input of an edit control.
AssistedInputOpenOpens the list of values proposed by the assisted input for an edit control.
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Photo_Gallery Complete examples (WEBDEV): Photo_Gallery
[ + ] This example is a site of photo gallery and it includes 2 main sections:
- the "visitor" section, developed in AWP mode therefore referenceable.
- the management section, developed in standard WEBDEV mode therefore secured.  
Among the available features, you will find:
- an organization of your photos by album
- different modes for presentation the photos: slide show mode, scroll mode, detailed mode
- a link to the social networks
- the ability for the visitors to comment your publications
- a contact form
- for the site management, you have the ability to upload your photos, to describe them, to turn them around, to encrust a watermark..
The AssistedInput functions Unit examples (WINDEV): The AssistedInput functions
[ + ] Using the WLanguage AssistedInput functions.
These functions are used to easily implement an assisted input on the controls.
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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