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Stored procedures
Expands a node in a TreeView control. The "child" elements (nodes or leaves) of this node become visible.
Example of TreeView control:
Vocabulary linked to a TreeView control
Reminder: At runtime, a node is expanded when the node name is preceded by "-".
// Expand the "Desserts" node in the "TREE_TVRecipe" TreeView control
Res = TREE_TVRecipe.Expand("Recipes" + TAB + "Desserts")
<Result> = <TreeView control>.Expands(<Node to expand>)
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the node was expanded,
  • False otherwise.
<TreeView control>: Control name
Name of the TreeView control to be used.
<Node to expand>: Character string
Path of node to expand. This parameter has the following format:
"<Root name>" + TAB + ["<Name of 1st node>" + TAB + ...
["<Name of 2nd node>" + TAB + [...]]]"<Leaf name>"
If there are two elements with the same name in the path, you can add the IDs of the elements (after their names using TreeID).

Node to expand

If the node to expand:
  • is not found, <TreeView>.Expand returns False.
  • is a leaf, <TreeView>.Expand returns True.
  • is already expanded, <TreeView>.Expand returns True.
  • is not visible, <TreeView>.Expand makes this node visible. Its "parent" and "sibling" elements are also displayed. The "parent" elements are expanded.
When <TreeView>.Expand is called, if the specified branch has a procedure associated via the AddChildDelayed property, this procedure will be executed.

Selection bar

<TreeView>.Expand does not change the position of the selection bar.
Component: wd300obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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Last update: 06/19/2023

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