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  • Properties specific to docFormatMulticolumn variables
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docFormatMulticolumn (Type of variable)
In french: docFormatMulticolonne
The docFormatMulticolumn type is used to define all the advanced characteristics of a multicolumn section defined in a docSection variable.
The characteristics of the docFormatMulticolumn variable can be identified and changed using different WLanguage properties.
CAUTION: This type cannot be used directly. It must be used via the docSection type.
// Retrieve the Word Processing control
MyDoc is Document <- WP_NoName1
// Defines a 3-column layout for the docx
// a spacing of 20 between each column and a visible separator
MyDoc.Section.Multicolumn.NumberColumn = 3
MyDoc.Section.Multicolumn.SpaceIdenticalMode = 20
MyDoc.Section.Multicolumn.Separator = True

Properties specific to docFormatMulticolumn variables

The following properties can be used to handle multicolumn variables:
Property nameType usedEffect
Columns[n]docFormatColumn tableConfiguration of each column when using a multicolumn mode with variable column width.
Columns[n].SpaceRealSpace with the following column (expressed in millimetres).
Columns[n].WidthRealColumn width (expressed in millimetres).
SpaceIdenticalModeRealSpace between the different columns when using a multicolumn mode with the same column width. This spacing is expressed in millimeters.
ModeInteger constantMulticolumn management mode:
  • docMulticolumnNone: No multicolumn management.
  • docMulticolumnIdentical: Each column has the same width.
  • docMulticolumnVariable ; Each column has a variable width.
NumberColumnIntegerName of the section column.
  • True to display the column separator.
  • False to avoid displaying the separator.
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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Last update: 07/03/2023

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