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Stored procedures
BrowserHistoryModify (Function)
In french: NavigateurHistoriqueModifie
Modifies the data of current entry in the navigation history. This data will be transmitted when going back to the current entry.
// Goes to the next application plane.
// Prevents from going back to the display of previous plane : replaces the history entry
// The transmitted data is the plane number
BrowserHistoryModify(CELL_Main..Plane, MyPage..Title, "#Plane" +  CELL_Main..Plane)
BrowserHistoryModify(<Data> [, <Title> [, <URL>]])
<Data>: Type of data
Status associated with the page for the current history entry.
<Title>: Optional character string (with quotes)
New title for the page.
Caution: this title is currently ignored by most browsers.
<URL>: Optional character string (with quotes)
New URL that will be displayed by the browser. This URL is used for the display in the address bar only. Therefore, there is no need to use a valid URL. However, if the user copies this URL in order to use it in another browser, the page load will fail if the URL is not valid.

Operating mode

The added data describes the status associated with the page for the current history entry.
If the Web user goes back to an entry in the history, the stored data will be transmitted to the "Move in the navigation history" event (optional page event). This event must process the data in order to restore the page status. This process must be associated with a procedure that expects the transmitted data in parameter:
// Event "Move in the navigation history (onpopstate)"
PROCEDURE <ProcedureName>(<Data>)
Example: This example adds the page into the history and stores the insertion time. Going back to the previous history page displays the time.
x is Variant
x.Time = TimeSys()
BrowserHistoryAdd(x, MyPage..Title, "#before")
x.Time = TimeSys()
BrowserHistoryAdd(x, MyPage..Title, "#after")
// Event "Move in the navigation history (onpopstate)"
PROCEDURE ProcessHistory(stStatus)
Remark: Depending on the browser, the event "Move in the navigation history (onpopstate)" is also run when loading the page and when going back to the initial page display. In this case, the <Data> parameter transmitted to the event corresponds to Null.
Component : WDJS.DLL
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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