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Stored procedures
Adds a break in a Table or Looper control.
// Add a green break on the date into the Table control
x is Control
x <- BreakAdd(TABLE_Order.COL_DATE, "BrkDate", brkHeader, 50) 
x.BackgroundColor = DarkGreen // Applies green color to the break
// Add a break header and footer into the Table control
BreakHeader is Control
BreakFooter is Control
(BreakHeader, BreakFooter) <- BreakAdd(TABLE_Customer.COL_NAME, "BreakHeaderName" + TAB + ...
"BreakFooterName", brkHeaderAndFooter)
<Result> = BreakAdd(<Element name> , <Break name> [, <Type of break> [, <Height>]])
<Result>: Control variable
Name of the Control variable that allows you to handle the new break. In this case, values must be assigned with the '<-' operator.
If <Type of break> corresponds to the brkHeaderAndFooter constant, the function returns 2 controls. The syntax becomes:
(<NameBreakHeaderControl>,<NameBreakFooterControl>) <- ] BreakAdd(<Element name>, ...
<Name of header break> + TAB + <Name of footer break>, brkHeaderAndFooter)
<Element name>: Character string
Name of the element on which the break will be created. It is a Table column or the name of a Looper attribute.
<Break name>: Character string
Name of break to create. This name must not exist in the Table control or in the Looper control.
If <Type of break> corresponds to the brkHeaderAndFooter constant, this parameter has the following format:
<Name of header break> + TAB + <Name of footer break>
<Type of break>: Integer constant
Type of break to create:
(Default value)
Adds a break header.
brkFooterAdds a break footer.
brkHeaderAndFooterAdds a break header and footer.
<Height>: Optional integer
Height of break in pixels. The break height is set to 32 pixels by default.
  • The breaks created by BreakAdd can be deleted by BreakDelete.
  • If the Table or Looper control already contains breaks, the break is created on the next level:
    [Existing break header]
    [New break header]
    Row 1 of table
    [New break footer]
    [Existing break footer]
  • BreakAdd cannot be used on:
    • Table and Looper controls with direct access to the data source.
    • Vertical Table controls.
    In this case, the function fails and a non-fatal error is displayed.
Business / UI classification: UI Code
Component: wd290obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 22
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Last update: 07/03/2023

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