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Stored procedures
The following functions are used to manage the Map controls via an prefixed syntax:
<Map>.AddItineraryAdds an itinerary onto a Map control.
<Map>.AddMarkerAdds a new marker onto a map displayed in a Map control.
<Map>.DeleteAllDeletes all markers from a Map control.
<Map>.DeleteItineraryDeletes an itinerary from a Map control.
<Map>.DeleteMarkerDeletes a marker from a map displayed by a Map control
<Map>.DisplayPositionCenters the map displayed in a Map control on a geographical position or on a specific location.
<Map>.EndOfMoveStops following the device movement in a Map control.
<Map>.ExecuteJSRuns the native code of Google Maps API in a Map control in Javascript.
<Map>.FollowMovementDisplays the current device position in a Map control and updates this position during its move.
<Map>.GetImageRetrieves the image of a map displayed in a Map control. The markers and the itineraries displayed on this map will also be found in the image.
<Map>.GetJSObjectReturns the instance of the API of Map control.
<Map>.GetPositionReturns the geographical position of the point located in the center of the map currently displayed in a Map control.
<Map>.InfoPositionReturns the coordinates (in pixels) of the point corresponding to a geographical position (latitude and longitude).
<Map>.InfoXYReturns the geographical position (latitude and longitude) corresponding to a point in a Map control.
<Map>.ItineraryDistanceCalculates the distance of an itinerary in a Map control.
<Map>.ModifyMarkerModifies a marker displayed in a Map control.
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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