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Stored procedures
The following functions are used to manage encryption and compression:
CompressCompresses a string or a memory block (buffer) in binary format.
DecodeDecodes a character string that was encoded by Encode.
DecryptDecrypts a character string that was encrypted by Encrypt.
DecryptAsymmetricDecrypts a buffer with a private/public key algorithm with RSA encryption.
DecryptAsymmetricEnveloppedPerforms the asymmetric encryption of an envelope that has been encrypted with EncrypteAsymmetricEnvelopped.
DecryptStandardDecrypts a message that was encrypted with a symmetrical encryption algorithm (AES, DES, etc.).
EncodeEncodes a character string or a buffer. To decode the result, simply use Decode.
EncryptEncrypts a character string in binary format or in ASCII format.
EncryptAsymmetricEncrypts a buffer using an asymmetric encryption algorithm (RSA) that requires a public key and a private key.
EncryptAsymmetricEnveloppedPerforms an asymmetric encryption of an envelope.
EncryptGenerateRSAKeyGenerates an RSA private/public key pair.
EncryptStandardEncrypts a character string or a binary buffer by using a symmetrical encryption algorithm (AES, DES, etc.)
UncompressDecompresses a memory block (buffer) that was compressed by Compress.
UUDecodeDecodes a character string in UUEncode format.
UUEncodeEncodes a character string according to the UUEncode algorithm.
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  • Version 24
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