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From WINDEV Mobile 22 Update 1 (version 220052), the Push notifications in Android are using the Firebase platform (instead of Google Cloud Messaging).
To use the Firebase platform, you must have a Google account and you must perform a specific configuration.
This help page presents the different operations to perform.
Steps to follow
The different steps are as follows:
1. Creating a Firebase project
The Firebase project is created from the Firebase console, accessible from the following address:
Firebase home screen
Remark: You also have the ability to import a Google API Project (used to send push notifications by GCM) from this console.
2. Adding Firebase to the Android application
  • Click the "Add Firebase to your Android application" button.
    Add Firebase to the application
  • Fill the package name of the application with the one defined in the Android generation wizard.
    Add Firebase to the application
  • Click the "Add an application" button.
  • Click "Continue" then "Done".
3. Download the "google-services.json" file.
  • Display the parameters of your application:
    Application parameters
  • In the section regarding the Android application, download the "google-services.json" file.
    Download the configuration file
This file must be supplied in the wizard for generating the application:
Android generation wizard
4. Retrieving the server key. This key is required to send Push notifications.
  • Click the "Cloud Messaging" tab.
  • Copy the identifier of server key.
    Server key
    This key number must be given as parameter to NotifPushSend.
Minimum version required
  • Version 22
Wizard window not longer available
The wizard window for generating the application showed here does not appear in the windev mobile v25
24 Sep. 2020