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  • Overview
  • Programming
  • Programming the zoom
  • Disabling the zoom
  • Canceling the zoom
  • Modifying the caption of option used to cancel the zoom (by programming)
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Stored procedures
To simplify the reading of windows, the end user can zoom the content of a window with the mouse.
Zoom of a window
To zoom in or out in a window, the user must use the Ctrl key and the mouse wheel.
To restore the initial display, simply select "Cancel the zoom" from the popup menu of window (or press Ctrl + 0).
Remark: Scrollbars may appear during the zoom if necessary.

Programming the zoom

To program the zoom that will be applied to the window, use Zoom on the window.
For example:
// Zoom in 150%
WIN_Customer..Zoom = 150
If the zoom is performed by programming, the popup menu of the window allows you to cancel the zoom.

Disabling the zoom

To prevent zooming in a window, simply use AAFDisable (or DisableAAF) with the aafZoom constant.

Canceling the zoom

To cancel the zoom on a window (and restore the initial status), simply use AAFExecute (or ExecuteAAF) with the aafZoom constant.

Modifying the caption of option used to cancel the zoom (by programming)

To cancel the zoom, the end user can display the popup menu of the window (right mouse click) and select "Cancel the zoom".
To modify the caption of this option, simply use AAFChangeCaption with the aafZoom constant.
Minimum version required
  • Version 21
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