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Stored procedures
Displays a tooltip for an icon found in the taskbar. This icon must have been added into the taskbar by SysIconAdd.
Remark: From Windows 10, the tooltip is displayed as a new notification by the notification center integrated into Windows.
// Informs that the process has ended
SysIconDisplayTooltip("The process is ended.")
// Display a warning with a click procedure
SysIconDisplayTooltip("The process is quite long. " + ...
"Click the tooltip to see the details of operations.", ...
sysTooltipTypeWarning, "", ProcedureDetails)
<Result> = SysIconDisplayTooltip(<Message> [, <Title> [, <Type> [, <Icon> [, <WLanguage procedure>]]]])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the tooltip was displayed,
  • False otherwise.
<Message>: Character string
Text displayed in the tooltip (up to 255 characters).
<Title>: Optional character string
Title of the tooltip (up to 63 characters).
<Type>: Optional Integer constant
Type of the tooltip :
sysTooltipTypeWarningWarning tooltip. A warning icon is displayed in the tooltip (yellow panel).
(Default value)
Tooltip displayed by default (which means the tooltip defined by SysIconAdd).
sysTooltipTypeErrorError tooltip. An error icon is displayed in the tooltip (white cross on red background).
sysTooltipTypeInfoInfo tooltip. An information icon is displayed in the tooltip (white "i" on blue background).
sysTooltipTypeCustomCustom tooltip: the <Icon> parameter is used to define the icon displayed in the tooltip.
<Icon>: Optional character string
Icon (16x16) displayed in the tooltip if <Type> is set to sysTooltipTypeCustom.
Corresponds to:
  • the name and full (or relative) path of the icon file to add. A UNC path is allowed.
  • the name of an Icon variable.
This parameter corresponds to an empty string ("") by default.
<WLanguage procedure>: Optional procedure name
WLanguage procedure that will be called during the click on the tooltip (procedure without parameter). This parameter is taken into account from Windows XP.
The tooltip is closed when clicked on.
Component: wd280std.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 21
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