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  • Running parallel tasks with a continuation task
ParallelTaskExecuteAfterAll (Example)
Running parallel tasks with a continuation task
This example runs a process after the execution of all the tasks.
// Declare several tasks and run a process at the end of all these tasks.
MyTaskDescription is Description of ParallelTask
arrMyTasks is array of ParallelTask // Result of parallel tasks functions
// Task #1
MyTaskDescription.Procedure = Example2_Step1
// Runs the parallel tasks
// Adds the task returned to an array of tasks
// in order to re-use them in ParallelTaskExecuteAfterAll
Add(arrMyTasks, ParallelTaskExecute(MyTaskDescription))
// Task #2
MyTaskDescription.Procedure = Example2_Step2
Add(arrMyTasks, ParallelTaskExecute(MyTaskDescription))
// Specifies the procedure to run once
// once all the tasks found in the arrMyTasks array are ended
ParallelTaskExecuteAfterAll(arrMyTasks, Example2_End, (), ptoMainThread)
Minimum version required
  • Version 20
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Last update: 12/21/2022

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