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  • Possible error cases:
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Stored procedures
Sends a communication request (HTTP request) to a Google service.
// Connection
Cnt is gglConnection
IF Cnt.Connect() =False THEN
// Query without parameter
XMLQry is string = Cnt.Request(gglServiceDocuments, ...
// Query with parameters (search for "Casimir")
XMLQry = Cnt.Request(gglServiceDocuments, ...
<Result> = <Google connection>.Request(<Google service> , <HTTP request> [, <Data to send> [, <Type of request>]])
<Result>: ANSI character string
  • Server response,
  • Empty string ("") if an error occurs (ErrorOccurred variable set to True).
<Google connection>: gglConnection variable
Name of the gglConnection variable to be used. This connection was validated by <gglConnection variable>.Connect.
<Google service>: Integer constant
Google service on which the request will be performed:
gglServiceCalendar"Google Calendar" service: Google calendar
gglServiceContacts"Google Contacts" service: Management of Google contacts.
Since June 15, 2021, the Google Contacts API used by this feature is no longer available ( For more details, see Management of Google contacts.
gglServiceDocuments"Google Documents List" service: Management of documents
gglServicePicasa"Picasa" service
gglServiceStaticMaps"Google Static Maps" service: Management of maps
<HTTP request>: Character string
Full URL of request (including the parameters stored in the URL if necessary). See the Google documentation corresponding to the service used for more details.
<Data to send>: Optional character string
Data that must be sent onto the server. See the Google documentation corresponding to the service used for more details.
<Type of request>: Optional integer constant
Type of HTTP request to send:
gglHTTPDeleteDelete request.
gglHTTPGetGet request.
gglHTTPPostPost request.
gglHTTPPutPut request.

If <Data to send> is specified, the requests are gglHTTPPost requests by default.
If <Data to send> is not specified, the requests are ggHTTPGet requests by default.

Possible error cases:

  • The Internet connection is not valid.
  • The authentication was not performed properly.
  • The server returns an error.
To find out whether an error occurred, use the ErrorOccurred variable.
Component: wd290ggl.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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Last update: 06/20/2023

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