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Stored procedures
Retrieves a data from a "Scatter" chart.
// Display data in the "CHART_MyChart" control ("Scatter" chart).
// This data is the first X-coordinate of first series.
Info(grScatterGetDataXY(CHART_MyChart, 1, 1, grXValue))
<Result> = grScatterGetDataXY(<Chart name> , <Series number> , <Index> , <Value to retrieve>)
<Result>: Real
Retrieved value.
<Chart name>: Control name or character string
Name of the chart to be used. This name corresponds to:
  • the chart name defined through programming with grCreate,
  • the name of the Chart control (in the window, page or report editor).
<Series number>: Integer
Number of the series for which a value will be retrieved.
If the specified series does not exist, the retrieved value is 0.
<Index>: Integer
Index of data in the series for which the value will be retrieved.
If the data corresponding to the specified index does not exist in the series, the retrieved value is 0.
<Value to retrieve>: Integer constant
Indicates the value to retrieve:
grXValueX value of series.
grYValueY value of series.
  • To retrieve data from a Stock chart, it is recommended to use grStockGetData.
  • To retrieve data from a Surface chart, it is recommended to use grSurfaceGetData.
  • To retrieve data from another type of chart (Pie, Column, Line, etc.), we recommend that you use grGetData.
  • To retrieve data from a Sunburst chart, it is recommended to use grSunburstGetData.
  • To retrieve data from a Heatmap chart, it is recommended to use grHMGetData.
  • We recommend that you use grScatterGetDataXY to retrieve data from "Scatter" charts. You can also use grGetData.
    The following syntax:
    grScatterGetDataXY(CHART_MyChart, i, 1, grXValue)
    grScatterGetDataXY(CHART_MyChart, i, 1, grYValue)
    is equivalent to the syntax:
    grGetData(CHART_MyChart, i*2-1, 1)
    grGetData(CHART_MyChart, i*2, 1)
  • By default, a chart created by grCreate contains no data.
Component: wd280grf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 20
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Last update: 06/21/2023

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