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Stored procedures
Adds a link to a text section in an RTF Edit control. Clicks on this link are processed programmatically.
// == Global declarations of the window ==
arrLinkTarget is array of strings
// == Click the "Add a note" button ==
LinkRank is int
Destination is string
// Asks for a note to associate with the link
IF Input("Enter a note associated with this link:", ...
Destination) = 1 THEN
// Stores the note in an array
LinkRank = Add(arrLinkTarget, Destination)
// Adds the link into the RTF edit control
RTFAddLink(EDT_Edit, EDT_Edit.Cursor, ...
EDT_Edit.CursorEnd, ClickOnLink, LinkRank)
// == ClickOnLink procedure ==
PROCEDURE ClickOnLink(LinkRank is int)
InfoBuild("The note associated with the %1 link is: %2", LinkRank, ...
RTFAddLink(<Edit control> , <Start position of the link> , <End position of the link> , <WLanguage procedure> [, <Procedure parameter>])
<Edit control>: Character string
Name of the RTF edit control to use.
<Start position of the link>: Integer
Position of the first character of the link. The index of the first character in the control is set to 1. The function has no effect if the start position of the link is greater than the size of the text.
<End position of the link>: Integer
Position of the first character after the link. The function has no effect if the end position of the link is less than the start position of the link.
<WLanguage procedure>: Procedure name
Name of the WLanguage procedure called when the link is clicked on.
<Procedure parameter>: Optional variant
Parameter that will be passed to the procedure when the link is clicked on. If this parameter is not specified, the procedure will receive no parameter.
  • RTFAddLink can be used on standard and RTF Edit controls.
  • To delete a link, all you have to do is reassign the corresponding text section.
  • Links added with RTFAddLink are not kept:
    • when copying to the clipboard.
    • when calling to ScreenToFile. In this case, only the RTF content is copied into the HFSQL buffer.
  • In an RTF control, the line wraps correspond to a character.
  • You can set the color of links with LinkColor.
  • You can set the color of links added with RTFAddLink by using LinkColorRTF.
Component: wd280obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 19
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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