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Stored procedures
This type of chart is used to represent a permanent data flow in real time. The chart moves automatically according to the data received in real time.
A real-time chart is a specific option of the Area, Line, Column and Scatter charts.
For a chart to become a real-time chart, it is necessary to:
  • to specify -in the control description- that the chart is using an X-axis whose marks are based on a time scale, as well as to specify the interval for a real-time chart.
  • to add the data in the chart through programming via grAddTimeData. This function makes it possible to update the chart.
    Remark: It is recommended to use an automatic procedure (Timer) to regularly update the chart data.
Characteristics of real-time charts
Real-time chart
In this chart:
1. Chart title. The characteristics of the chart title can be defined in the "Details" tab of the control description ("Edit chart title").
You can define the chart title, its position and style.
2. Title of axes.
The title of horizontal and vertical axes is displayed if the title was defined in the "General" tab of the Chart control description. This parameter can also be defined through programming with grAxisTitle.
3. X-coordinate.
In a real-time chart, the X-axis is spaced according to time intervals. In the "General" tab of the Chart control description, you can define the following elements:
  • Time display mode: : You can:
    • to use a standard display: the elapsed time starts at 0.
    • to display the time elapsed since the most recent addition: the duration is recalculated at each display. 0 corresponds to the last addition made to the chart.
  • Interval displayed for a real time chart (ms): This interval is used to define the time interval displayed in the chart. If the time interval is 30000ms, the chart will display the data over an interval of 30 seconds. By default, this time interval is 0 (equivalent to 60s).
4. Legend. The characteristics of the legend can be defined in the "Details" tab of the control description ("Edit chart legend").
You can define its position and its style.
5. Labels of series.
The caption of the legend corresponds to the caption of the different series displayed in the chart (defined in the "Series" tab).
6. Color of series.
A color can be defined for each series in the "Series" tab of the control description. An automatic color is used by default.
7. Category label.
The category labels can be defined in the "Series" tab of the control description.
8. Gridlines.
The horizontal and vertical gridlines can be defined in the "General" tab of the control description.
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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