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Stored procedures
NumberInWords (Function)
In french: NombreEnLettres
Converts a number to words.
The result of the conversion is:
  • expressed in French if the runtime language of the application is French. If the language of the operating system is Belgium, the "septante", "quatre-vingts" and "nonante" notations will be used.
  • expressed in English in all the other cases.
Versions 23 and later
Java This function is now available for Java applications.
New in version 23
Java This function is now available for Java applications.
Java This function is now available for Java applications.
// Displays "eighty three point thirty four"

Info(NumberInWords(1.10, "Euro(s)"))
// Displays "one Euro ten"

Info(NumberInWords(1.01, "dollar(s)", "cent(s)"))
// Displays "one dollar and one cent"
<Result> = NumberInWords(<Number to convert> [, <Unit> [, <Name of hundredths>]])
<Result>: Character string
Spelled-out number.
<Number to convert>: Currency
Number to convert to a character string. The number to convert to words has the following characteristics:
  • 23 significant digits: up to 17 digits for the integer part, up to 6 digits for the decimal part.
  • can be included in the interval for defining the currencies: between -604 462 909 807 314 587,353 087 and +604 462 909 807 314 587,353 087.
<Unit>: Optional character string (with quotes)
Unit to be used in the result: Dollars, Euros, ... You can add an "s" in brackets (e.g., "(s)") if the currency can be pluralized.
If this parameter is not specified, the following string will be used:
  • "comma" in French: for example: "ten comma twenty-five".
  • "point" in English: for example: "ten point twenty-five".
<Name of hundredths>: Optional character string (with quotes)
Name of the hundredths that will be used in the result. You can add an "s" in brackets (e.g., "(s)") if the hundredths can be pluralized.
  • The decimal part is rounded to 2 digits.
  • In English, the large numbers use the American rules:
    (Power of 10)
    Unit used in FrenchUnit used in English (American)
    10 power 6millionmillion
    10 power 9milliardbillion
    10 power 12billiontrillion
    10 power 15billiardquadrillion
Related Examples:
The NumberInWords function Unit examples (WINDEV): The NumberInWords function
[ + ] Using the WLanguage NumberInWords function.
This function is used to convert a numeric into words, which is very useful to automatically fill a check for example.
Business / UI classification: Neutral code
Component: wd260std.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 18
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