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Stored procedures
The following functions are used to manage menus (prefix syntax):
<Menu>.AddAdds an existing popup menu into the main menu of the current window.
<Menu>.AddMenuAdds a new menu into a window or into a page.
<Menu>.AddOptionAdds a new menu option at the end of a menu.
<Menu>.AddPopupTransforms a menu option of a page in order for this option to open a popup.
<Menu>.AddSeparatorAdds a new separator into a menu.
<Menu>.AddURLOptionAdds a new menu option at the end of a page menu. This menu option is used to display the page corresponding to the specified URL.
<Menu>.CloneClones a menu or a menu option as well as the associated code.
<Menu>.DeleteDeletes a menu or a menu option.
<Menu>.ExistIndicates whether a menu option exists in a menu.
<Menu>.InsertMenuInserts a menu before another menu in a window.
<Menu>.InsertOptionInserts a new option at a specific position.
<Menu>.InsertSeparatorInserts a separator into a menu.
The following functions can also be used to manage menus:
ControlPopupOwnerIdentifies the control on which the popup menu was opened.
EmulateMenuEmulates the next menu that will be opened and automatically runs the menu option passed as parameter.
EnumMenuIn a loop, this function is used to enumerate the menu options of a window as well as the sub-options of a menu option.
EnumSubElementIn a loop, this function is used to enumerate the drop-down menus or the popup menus of a window or control.
grMenuEnables or disables the popup menu of a chart.
OpenPopupMenuAutomatically opens a popup menu for the current control or window.
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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