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Stored procedures
Deletes an option from a Radio Button control.
// Delete option #3 from a Radio Button control
RadioButtonDelete(RADIO_Options, 3)
RadioButtonDelete(<Radio Button control> , <Subscript>)
<Radio Button control>: Control name
Name of the Radio Button control to use.
<Subscript>: Integer
Subscript of option to delete. This subscript must be included between 1 and the number of options found in the Radio Button control. Occurrence is used to find out the number of options in a Radio Button control.
  • When deleting options from a Radio Button control, the size of the control is not modified. The control size can be modified using Width and Height.
  • You have the ability to compact the options in order to optimize the aspect of the control once options have been deleted.
    In compacted mode, the options of a Radio Button control move closer:
    • when an option is made invisible.
    • when an option is deleted.
  • To use the compacted mode:
    • check "Compact invisible options" in the "Details" tab of the control description.
  • When deleting an option, if the radio button uses the numbering of options, the subscripts of the options found after the deleted option are automatically re-numbered.
  • Only the subscript of the option to delete can be specified. If the radio button uses returned values, you cannot specify the name of the option to delete. However, you have the ability to specify the subscript corresponding to the option.
Component: wd260obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 18
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