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Stored procedures
The Property StartExtendedVisible allows to:
  • finding out the first visible date or time:
    • in a Scheduler control.
    • WINDEV in a TimeLine control.
  • WINDEV modify the first visible time in a TimeLine control.
Remark: The first visible date or time corresponds to the position of the scrollbar in the control.
// TimeLine control on 2 minutes
TimelineChangeMode(TL_TimeLine, schModeSecond, 120)
// equivalent to:
TL_TimeLine.StartExtendedTotal = 0 // starts at 0 sec.
TL_TimeLine.finExtendedTotal = 120 // end at 120 sec.
// Make the first 30 seconds visible
TL_TimeLine.StartExtendedVisible = 0 // starts at 0 sec.
TL_TimeLine.finExtendedVisible = 30 // size at 30 sec.

Finding out the first visible date or time Hide the details

<Result> = <Control used>.StartVisibleRange
<Result>: Integer or character string in Date/Time format
First visible value in the control. This value corresponds to:
  • an integer for:
    • WINDEV a TimeLine control,
    • a Scheduler control in second, millisecond or microsecond mode.
  • a date in YYYYMMDDHHSSCC format for a Scheduler control in day, week or month mode.
<Control used>: Control name
Name of control to use. This control can correspond to:
  • a Scheduler control.
  • WINDEV a TimeLine control.

Modifying the value of the first visible time Hide the details

<TimeLine control>.StartVisibleRange = <New value>
<TimeLine control>: Control name
Name of TimeLine control to use.
<New value>: Integer
First value to be made visible in the TimeLine control
  • All the events represented by the control are included between StartTotalRange and EndTotalRange. This corresponds to the total range of the scrollbar or range slider associated with the control.
  • The set of events visible in the Control is between StartVisibleRange and EndVisibleRange. This corresponds to the size of the scrollbar box or range slider associated with the control.
Minimum version required
  • Version 18
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