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  • Characteristics of added dynamic row
  • Error case
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Stored procedures
<Multiline Zone>.AddLine (Function)
In french: <Zone multiligne>.AjouteLigne
Adds a new dynamic row into a Multiline Zone control. This row is added at the end of the zone of the dynamic rows.
The dynamic row was previously defined in edit ("Define as the repeated row of the control" checked in the "General" tab of the control description window).
// Add a network
nRow is int
nRow = MZ_Network.AddLine()
MZ_Network[nRow].STC_NetworkName = "Network"
MZ_Network[nRow].IMG_Available.Visible = True
<Result> = <Multiline Zone control>.AddLine()
<Result>: Integer
Index of added row.
<Multiline Zone control>: Control name
Name of the Multiline Zone control to be used.

Characteristics of added dynamic row

  • The added dynamic row is empty by default.
  • To customize the row (caption, color, visibility of elements, etc.), the controls must be modified by the following syntax:
    <Multiline Zone control>[<Index>].<Control name>.<Property> = <Value>

    For example:
    nRow is int = MZ_Products.AddLine()
    MZ_Products[nRow].STC_NameProdRow = stRow.sProdCap
    MZ_Products[nRow].STC_NameProdRow.Color = LightBlue
    MZ_Products[nRow].EDT_QtyRow = stRow.nQuantity
  • The added row is not selected by default. To select the added row, the value of the row index must be assigned to the Multiline Zone control.
    For example:
    nRow is int = MZ_Products.AddLine()
    MZ_Products = nRow
    nRow is int = MZ_Products.AddLine()
    MZ_Products.Value = nRow
  • When adding the dynamic row, the initialization events of the controls in the row are run.
  • The size of the Multiline Zone control is modified to take the added row into account: the control is enlarged to the bottom. If controls are located below the Multiline Zone control, they are moved to the bottom. The useful window height is enlarged accordingly: it is possible to scroll through the window with your finger to see the bottom of the Multiline Zone control and the controls that may be located below this zone.

Error case

An error occurs in the following cases:
  • no dynamic row is defined in the Multiline Zone control.
  • more than 300 dynamic rows are found in the Multiline Zone control
  • one of the initialization processes of the row controls triggers an error.
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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Last update: 06/21/2023

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