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Stored procedures
You have the ability to create Organization Chart controls directly linked to the data. You can create a Browsing Organization chart control: the Organization Chart control will be linked to a data file or to a query. In this case, the data file contains the information about the elements displayed in the control.
How to?
To create a browsing Organization Chart control, you must modify the description of the Organization Chart control.
To modify the characteristics of an existing Organization Chart control:
  1. Open the control description window (select "Description" in the context menu).
  2. In the "Content" tab, select "File/Query" and select the data source used. This data source can be:
    • a data file defined in the analysis,
    • a query of the project,
    • a query included in the window.
  3. Specify the different elements to take into account to build the tree structure of element in the organization chart:
    • the search item
    • the identifier of the parent (found in the source record) and the element to which it is linked.
  4. Associate the items of the data source with the characteristics of the element. The elements preceded by a star are mandatory.
  5. Validate the description window of the Organization Chart control. The Organization Chart control is a browsing organization chart.
Handling a Organization Chart control based on a data file
A browsing Organization Chart control can be easily handled. The user can handle the elements via a specific window. All you have to do is modify the data file linked to the organization chart. The displayed data will be automatically refreshed. It is also possible to use OrgDisplay to refresh the data in the control.
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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Last update: 06/07/2022

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