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Stored procedures
The following functions are used to manage Webservices:
CancelWebserviceContextDeletes from the webservice context a variable added by DeclareWebserviceContext.
DeclareWebserviceContextUsed to declare a list of variables whose value will be persistent between the successive calls to a Webservice.
WebserviceClientIPAddressReturns the IP address of the computer using and calling the Webservice.
WebserviceParameterGets the value of a parameter in a call to a SOAP or REST Webservice request.
WebserviceReadHTTPHeaderReads the HTTP header received in a call to a SOAP or REST Webservice.
WebserviceWriteCustomHTTPCodeSpecifies the custom HTTP code that will be returned when the execution of the REST Webservice function is completed.
WebserviceWriteHTTPCodeSpecifies the HTTP code that will be returned at the end of the execution of the REST Webservice function.
WebserviceWriteHTTPHeaderAdds an additional HTTP header to a request of a REST Webservice.
WebserviceWriteMIMETypeIndicates the MIME type of the response returned by the Webservice (case of a call to a REST Webservice).
Minimum version required
  • Version 22
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Last update: 06/30/2023

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