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How do I include the SESAM VITALE services?

From the version 18 of WINDEV and WEBDEV, the import of webservices includes the necessary tools to allow the consumption of secure Webservices used to manage the Sesam Vitale cards.

How do I proceed?
Using a Sesam Vitale card in an application does not require a specific set of WLanguage commands: there is no Sesam* function.

The Sesam Vitale cards are managed via Webservices: all you have to do is import the webservices required by the feature to implement.

These webservices are supplied by the SESAM-VITALE GIE via an agreement process of the software that will be using them. This agreement process is performed by the CNDA. See http://www.cnda-vitale.fr/ for more details

To develop applications that use the Sesam Vitale Webservices, you must register toward the CNDA in order to perform the agreement process. The CNDA site supplies all the necessary elements required to perform this process:

Minimum version required
  • Version 18
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