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Stored procedures
Runs an action plan.
Caution: This function can only be run:
  • from the code of an action plan.
  • from a WLanguage procedure found in an "Action plan" project (or configuration).
Remark: This function is a function used to handle the editor of WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile. Therefore, it is available in the three products.
// Run an action plan that expects 2 parameters:
// - the runtime directory of WINDEV
// - the WINDEV version to use
apExecute(PLAN_MyPlan, "D:\WINDEV23", "23")
// Other possibility: specify the parameters before running the function
PLAN_MyPlan.DirWD  = "D:\WINDEV23"
PLAN_MyPlan.Version = "23"
// This example explains how to pass tow information to the same parameter.
// For example, we want to open a project in the SCM.
// For the parameters of this action plan, we must specify:
// 1 - The SCM database used,
// 2 - The project in the SCM.
// The CR that will be used to separate the information in the parameter.
apExecute(PLAN_MyPlan, "CS:\\HFServer\MySCMDatabase" + CR + "SCM:\WINDEV projects\MySCMProject")
apExecute(<Action plan> [, <Parameter 1> [... [, <Parameter N>]]])
<Action plan>: Character string
Name of the action plan to run. This action plan is entirely run before the next statement.
If an error occurs:
  • The ErrorOccurred variable is set to True.
  • The execution of the action plan stops in error.
  • The "If an error occurs" code of the calling action plan is run.
<Parameter 1>: Type of parameter
First parameter that will be passed to the action plan.
<Parameter N>: Type of parameter
Nth parameter that will be passed to the action plan.
Component: wdxxxfab.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 16
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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