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Stored procedures
Builds the SOAP request for calling a Webservice function.
// Standard call that is using the full call to a WebService method
stParam1 is Param1
stParam1.String = "a string"
stParam1.Int = 2
stRet is Result1
stRet = MyFunction(stParam1)
// Equivalent call defining the buffer
// and using SOAPRunXML
stParam1 is Param1
stParam1.String = "a string"
stParam1.Int = 2
byBuffer is Buffer = SOAPPrepare(MyFunction, stParam1)
// The action must have the following syntax "urn:<Webservice name>/FunctionName"
// <Webservice name>: usually, it is the name of the wsdl file (without extension)
SOAPRunXML("http://localhost/webservice/", byBuffer, "urn:MyWebservice/MyFunction")
<Result> = SOAPPrepare(<Function name> [, <Parameter 1> [... [, <Parameter N>]]])
<Result>: Buffer
XML buffer containing the generated SOAP request.
<Function name>: Character string
Webservice function for which the SOAP request must be built.
<Parameter 1>: Variant
First parameter of the Webservice function.
<Parameter N>: Variant
Nth parameter of Webservice function.
SOAPPrepare SOAPPrepare builds the SOAP request that would be sent to the Webservice during a call to one of its functions without running the request.
Then, the generated buffer can be sent by SOAPRunXML.
The returned buffer contains the XML stream encoded in UTF8. The buffer does not contain the HTTP header (indicating the SOAP Action, the content-type, etc.). The headers are automatically added by SOAPRunXML.
Business / UI classification: Business Logic
Component: wd280xml.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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Last update: 06/21/2023

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