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Stored procedures
Enables or disables the management of cookies in an HTTP request run: Remark: The cookies read and sent by HTTPRequest are only stored in memory in the application. They are not related to the cookies of Web browsers installed on the computer.
// Manages the cookies in the requests on the sites of the "" domain
HTTPCookieManage("", True)
// Open the home page of Google
// Re-runs the request while taking into account the cookies possibly returned during the 1st call

Enabling/Disabling the management of cookies (HTTPRequest) Hide the details

HTTPCookieManage([<Domain>, ] <Activation>)
<Domain>: Character string
Domain onto which the activation or the deactivation is applied.
<Activation>: Boolean
  • True to enable the management of cookies,
  • False to disable the management of cookies.
    Even if the management of cookies is disabled, you still have the ability to pass cookies in the HTTP request by using the appropriate header in HTTPRequest. Similarly, the cookies returned by the server can be retrieved by HTTPGetResult.
  • The cookies are not kept between two runs of an executable. They must be saved and restored through programming:
  • HTTPGetResult ignores HTTPCookieManage.
  • When the cookies are enabled:
    • the cookies received in response to a call to HTTPRequest are stored while waiting for a future call to HTTPRequest on the same domain. This operating mode is similar to the one of the Internet browsers.
  • The use of cookies is required on some sites that use them to supply the identifiers. Then, these identifiers are transmitted to each request (a basket identifier when placing an order for example).
  • If a management is defined on a domain, this information has priority over the global option.
Component: wd280com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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