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The Funnel chart displays data in funnel format. Once totalized, this data is equal to 100%. This type of chart is a chart with a single series. It represents the data as parts of 100%. This type of chart uses no axis.
The Funnel charts are often used to represent the steps in a sales process and to indicate the amount of potential revenues expected for each step.
The Funnel chart is especially well suited for illustrating the business opportunities. The opportunities most likely to be signed are found at the bottom of the funnel while the less promising opportunities are found at the top.
This is a very useful solution for assisting the business people in their decisions.
Characteristics of a Funnel chart
Funnel chart
In this chart:
1. Chart title. The characteristics of the chart title can be defined in the "Details" tab of the control description ("Edit chart title").
You can define the chart title, its position and style.
2. Funnel neck. The characteristics of the funnel neck can be defined in the "General" tab of the control description:
  • Neck width (in percentage).
  • Neck height (in percentage).
3. First value. You have the ability to display (or not) the total value in the Funnel chart. To avoid displaying this value, all you have to do is check "Hide first value" ("General" tab in the description window).
4. Legend. The characteristics of the legend can be defined in the "Details" tab of the control description ("Edit chart legend").
You can define its position and its style.
5. Category label. The category labels are displayed in the legend. The category labels can be defined in the "Series" tab of the control description. The source of the category labels can correspond to a table column, a WLanguage array, a list, ...
The category labels can also be directly displayed in each section of the funnel. To do so, select "Show labels of categories" in the "General" tab of the control description window.
6. Color of sections. The color of the sections is defined automatically. To modify the color of sections, use grSeriesColor and specify the section number.
7. Gradient colors. The characteristics regarding the appearance of the chart are defined in the "Details" tab of the chart description window. The following options are available:
  • Reduce the jagged effects.
  • Automatic border colors.
  • Gradient colors (with possible horizontal gradient).
Other characteristics:
  • Spacing between sections. Spacing between sections can be defined by "Spacing between the sections: " ("General" tab of the control description window) or by grColumnSpacing.
  • Size of sections. The "General" tab in the control description window (or grParameter) is used to choose the size of the sections:
    • Proportional to the area: The value is symbolized by the area of funnel section.
    • Proportional to the height: The value is symbolized by the height of the funnel section.
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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