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Stored procedures
From version 24, grInfoPoint is kept for backward compatibility. This function has been replaced with grPointInfo.
Returns the screen coordinates of a point or the screen coordinates of a value found in a chart.
This function allows you to retrieve the coordinates of a chart area in order to draw in this area with the drawing functions.
Remark: This function must be used after grDraw (once the chart was drawn).
// Screen coordinates of a point in the chart created through programming
x is int
x = grPointInfo("MyChart", grXCoordinate, 1, 1)
// Coordinates of the center of a Radar chart displayed in a Chart control
Coordinates is string
Coordinates = grPointInfo(CHART_Radar, grXCoordinate, grAxisX, grMin) + ", " + 
grPointInfo(CHART_Radar, grYCoordinate, grAxisY, grMin)
// Coordinates of the useful area of a chart displayed in a Chart control
Useful_Area is string
Useful_Area = grPointInfo(CHART_Lines, grXCoordinate, grAxisX, grMin) + ", " + ...
grPointInfo(CHART_Lines, grXCoordinate, grAxisX, grMax) + ":" + ...
grPointInfo(CHART_Lines, grYCoordinate, grAxisY, grMin) + ", "+ ...
grPointInfo(CHART_Lines, grYCoordinate, grAxisY, grMax)
// Coordinates of the area included between the minimum and maximum Y-coordinate
Area is string
Area = grPointInfo(CHART_Lines, grYCoordinate, 1, grMin) + "," + ...
grPointInfo(CHART_Lines, grYCoordinate, 1, grMax)
<Result> = grPointInfo(<Chart name> , <Type of axis> , <Series number> , <Category number>)
<Result>: Integer
Coordinates of the specified point (in pixels) according to the specified axis. The coordinates are specified in relation to the chart (and not in relation to the screen).
<Chart name>: Control name or character string
Name of the chart to be used. This name corresponds to:
  • the name of the chart defined programmatically with grCreate.
  • the name of the Chart control (in the window or page editor).
<Type of axis>: Integer constant
Type of the axis taken into account when calculating the coordinates:
(Default value)
The coordinate is calculated on the X axis.
grYCoordinateThe coordinate is calculated on the Y axis.
<Series number>: Integer
  • Number of the affected series.
  • Constant used to find out the coordinates of the point corresponding to the bounds of the axes:
    grAxisXCoordinates of bounds on the X-axis.
    grAxisYCoordinates of bounds on the Y-axis.
<Category number>: Integer
  • Number of the affected category.
  • Constant used to find out the coordinates of the point corresponding to the bounds of the axes:
    grMaxCoordinates of upper bound.
    grMinCoordinates of lower bound.
Business / UI classification: Neutral code
Component: wd290grf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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Last update: 03/08/2024

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